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W-FOV lenses
Wide field of view (W-FOV) objective lenses.
From left to right, 10x/0.3 objective lens (for reference), W-FOV objective lens 5X/0.8, W-FOV tube lens, W-FOV scan lens

We can develop cutting edge scientific products.
It is our pride to develop the device which does not exist in the world. The project can be started from a stage of feasibility investigation of your new idea. Microscopy is our main background, but we are also familiar with microwave apparatus, pneumatic control apparatus, and temperature control system. In addition, not only under a normal global environment, we have performed to develop systems being under various environments like a strong magnetic field, a radiation, a vacuum, a very high temperature and so on.

The name of FOV is formed from the acronym "the Field Of View"

There are two reasons for what we made this name. The primary one is "to develop a large FOV microscopy" literally.
Nowadays, microscopic resolution is demanded even in a very large field of view. So, we intend to develop a microscope that can catch the perspective of the object in a large FOV, and it can also capture the high resolution image with an ample of pixels (voxels).

The secondary one is to develop an apparatus by choosing methods from a large FOV. Actually, fine instruments are made by good balance of each technologies - - - optics, mechanical engineering, electronics, software, biology and so on. We would try to apply the most appropriate method for the instrument to ensure the best results.

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